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Water Wells                                               14 April

New Vaccines                                                 SOON


Charity is a concept of giving to others in need, often in the form of time, resources, or money. It can have a profound impact on the world by helping to improve the


The All India Hajis Foundation is a social welfare, educational, and charitable Organisation established in 2016.
Under income tax act 12A & 80G.
Its primary mission is to work for the betterment of humanity across all communities, except for Haj and Umra Haj pilgrims. The foundation operates in four main fields:

1. *Haj and Umra Haj:* 
      - It assists Hujjaj karam by helping them with form fill-up and providing guidance on Haj procedures and Umra Haj                   those going Saudi Arabia.
      - The foundation plans to send Imams from various Mosques to Haj and Umra Haj, as they have limited opportunities to              visit Mecca and Medina due to their lack of Finance and daily religious duties.

2. *Education and Technical Education:*
      - The foundation has established a coaching center named "Target Achievement Zone" to provide job-oriented

          technical education. This center aims to benefit students and  preparing for exams like WBCS (West Bengal Civil 

          Service) and other competitive exams, as well as sponsor for underprivileged students 

3. *Communal Harmony:*
      - The foundation has formed a state Committee  "ALL FAITH MANCH" ( a unit of AIHF ) to work on communal harmony. This            committee's goal is to foster brotherhood among different communities and promote peace and harmony.

4. *Legal and Advisory Committee:*
      - The foundation has set up a Legal and Advisory Committee consisting of legal experts, intellectuals, among the retired

         State and Central Government official. This committee is take advice how to further run better work and provide legal                 advice and assistance to those in deprive people.

In summary, the All India Hajis Foundation is a multifaceted organization with a mission to serve society through various initiatives, including supporting Haj and Umra Haj pilgrims, offering educational opportunities, promoting communal harmony, and providing legal and advisory services.


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1. To promote literacy and to lay emphasis on primary, secondary and technical education, especially for the weaker and underprivileged sections of the society and to set-up institutions and establishments for the upliftment of old age..

2. To promote female education and create awareness among the girls and women and to establish schools, colleges, hostel coaching, technical institutions and vocational training centers for girls, women and also for boys.

3. To create awareness about sanitation, hygiene and health and to establish hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, nursing training centers, midwifery training centers and to organize health care centers, medical check – up camps / blood donation camps and  such other allied activities.

4. To promote  and undertake integrated village development project(s), employment generation programmes, adult and continuing education programmes, crafts and vocational training centers, cottager and agro-industries training centers, agriculture motivation and training schemes, earning and saving schemes, deposit and credit schemes especially in the rural areas and in slums.

5. To work in conjunction of various project(s) with Governmental and semi-Governmental authorizes and / or non-Governmental in India or abroad for the upliftment of the people in general and underprivileged sections of the society in particulars, especially in rural areas and in slums.

6. To promote the educational, social, economic and welfare of the people in general and the under privileged and backward section of the society in particular.

7. To organize, manage, maintain and run Educational Movement, Social and Educational Caravan, Work-shop, Training programmes, Symposia seminars, meetings such other programmes for the promotion of education and literacy among the people in general and minorities and backward sections of the society in particular.

8. To takeover, acquire, establish,  start, run, maintain or manage Schools, Colleges, Universities, Maktab, Madrasah Polytechnics, Reading Rooms, Study & Coaching Centers, Hostels, Boarding-House, Orphanages, Nursing, Midwifery Training Centers Crafts Training Production Centers for the promotion of education and vocational skill and underprivileged section of the society and last but not the least, to organize Herbal Research and Manufacturing Centers.

9. To award scholarships for deserving students for technical, medical, professional, religious, general and higher studies and also to  provide financial and / or loans to deserving students and scholars.

10. To establish Adult Education Centers especially in the Rural Areas and in Slums  for eradicating illiteracy and ignorance and to appoint teachers and supervisors for management of such Centers.

11. To Conduct & organize Seminars, Symposia, Get-to gathers, Public Meetings, Peace.

12. To eradicate and to abolish communal hate and Ill-feelings among the people.Establishment of the supportive centre for the old age persons of the society.

13. To receive loans from Bank, Financial Institutions and Government Departments to run, create schemes, self employment projects for the development of the backward and underprivileged section of the society, especially in rural areas and in slums.

14. To impart education with up to date knowledge of latest developments within all fields of human activities and to make original contributions to the refinements, enhancements and increase of knowledge, application of the same to the moral, material and spiritual  of man wearing him for the use of knowledge for destructive and retarding purposes.

15. To organize, manage and run diploma and certificate courses on Salesmanship, Marketing and Entrepreneur Management.  Leadership and such other programmes for students and youths award certificates to the successful candidates for such courses.

16. To create awareness and implement the sprite as enunciated in the Prime Minister 15 - P  Programme for development of the minorities.

17. To encourage athletic activities of youths and students and to conduct tournaments and sports for them.

18. To associate, co-operate and collaborate with and  assist and help any other society / trust has an object and aims similar  to  the object of the trust in appropriate ways.


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1. The “ALL INDIA HAJIS  FOUNDATION” (AIHF) will always keep good and  friendly relations with the general public.

2. The members of the  “ALL INDIA HAJIS  FOUNDATION” (AIHF), will work with the poor(s) in the locality for their good and social work  and except their regular works

3. The members of the  “ALL INDIA HAJIS  FOUNDATION” (AIHF), will have to work for development and social work with the leaders / old aged men of the concerned village.

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